Oxford Review - Ketones and Metabolic Health

Casey Coleman

Introduction – The Vicious Cycle of Metabolic Dysregulation   Metabolism is the set of all chemical reactions in the body which sustain life. It is an incredibly complex network of reactions that regulate each other to maintain homeostasis, the ability of the organism to preserve internal stability. Unfortunately, the western lifestyle, especially the ultra-processed diet and lack of physical activity, can dysregulate homeostasis of many metabolic processes. As a result, an alarmingly high number of people need to fix their metabolism – 96 million people have prediabetes (38% of adult US population)1, and one third of US adults have metabolic...

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Are all Exogenous Ketones Created Equal?

Dr.Dan Plews 1 comment

There is increasing interest in the effect that ketones might have on the performance of athletes. We know that by consuming a diet very low in carbohydrates – less than 50 grams per day or so – we can enter ketosis or increase the circulating concentration of ketones in the blood. That’s why these diets are called ‘ketogenic’ (1, 8). In recent years, supplements have been developed that allow us to increase our circulating ketone concentrations independently of our habitual diet. These are the so-called ‘exogenous ketone supplements’ (9). There are various types of exogenous ketone supplements, including ketone esters,...

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Exogenous ketones and EPO boosting - Worth the Hype?

Dr.Dan Plews

Exogenous ketones have generated a lot of buzz in the endurance sports community over the last few years. Exogenous ketones are not to be confused with the ketones that circulate in the blood after adaptation to a very low carbohydrate, high fat, ketogenic diet; exogenous ketones are instead ingested in a supplement like a sports drink in much the same way that carbohydrates might be. There are a number of different types of exogenous ketones (6), with ketone monoesters seeing the most attention. It was initially thought that, again like carbohydrates in sports drinks, taking on exogenous ketones during exercise...

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Oxford Review - Ketones & Athletic Performance

Brian McMahon

Introduction In the early 2000’, the agency responsible for research and innovation in the US military – DARPA – was looking for nutritional ways to enhance the performance of their elite forces. Fighters of these units work under extreme psychological and emotional stress. The compound DARPA was looking for should have improved both physical and mental performance.   Ketones seemed like a great fit for DARPA’s needs. The liver naturally produces ketones in times of food scarcity, which is the most significant physical and psychological stressor our body had to deal with throughout human evolution. Ketones helped our ancestors to...

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The fundamentals of ketosis

Seb Pritchard

  What is Ketosis?   Simply put, it is a metabolic state to that humans enter into when the body does not have enough glucose to fuel itself. This is often the result of a low carbohydrate diet or prolonged fasts. When the body starts to recognize that the amount of glucose at its disposal is too low, it signals the liver to oxidize fatty acids to produce ketone bodies. These ketones are then released from the liver and go into the bloodstream where they act as replacement for glucose as the body’s primary source of metabolic and muscular fuel....

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Strategic Ketosis: 3 Quick Hacks to Enhance Your Ketone Ester Lifestyle

Seb Pritchard 2 comments

Strategic Ketosis

As the Oxford Ketone Ester makes it’s way into high-performing populations of athletes, executives, and military special operators, individual users are coming up with all kinds of interesting ways to enhance the “deltaG Lifestyle” and optimize their daily readiness, training, and competition results.  Here are three quick hacks that you can deploy right now and start living in Strategic Ketosis!

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