Car Racing:  It’s not just the car...  Elite mental and physical performance are demanded of the driver, too

Car Racing: It’s not just the car... Elite mental and physical performance are demanded of the driver, too


The sport of car racing, in all forms, demonstrates an athlete operating at peak performance.  The extreme speeds in which drivers navigate various twists and turns for hours on end in their pursuit of victory leaves little room for error. 

It is not just the cars that are high-performance machines. The drivers themselves must also perform at elite levels if they wish to etch their names in the sport’s history.

Challenging Conditions

To an uninformed viewer, the drivers may seem like an afterthought. “The car is doing all the work”. 

People with this outlook clearly do not understand the mental and physical strain that drivers undergo on and off the track. Depending on the type of car racing, race durations can range from 2 hours to 24 hours. 

Operating a 2,000 lb vehicle at speeds approaching 200 mph is going to get anyone’s heart racing. Research has shown that the racer’s heart rate can average 182 beats per minute throughout their time on the track. This type of exertion is comparable to world class endurance runners.

Now add in extreme heat. The engines of these cars produce an inordinate amount of heat. The cockpits in which drivers sit in can reach temperatures of up to 122 °F. This heat is exacerbated by the driver wearing a flame-retardant suit that can’t breathe. 

Another factor that racers must overcome is G-force, also known as gravitational force equivalent, a measure of acceleration.  For non-racers, the only comparable sensation is that of being on a massive rollercoaster. Most roller coasters pull about 4 Gs, with some reaching 5 or 6 Gs. 

Formula One drivers usually experience 5 Gs when braking, 2 Gs when accelerating, and 4 to 6 Gs when cornering.  This means that are dealing with the sensation of being on the world’s largest rollercoaster while safely navigating competitors and striving for victory. 

Mental and Physical Performance

To deal with and overcome the various conditions associated with car racing, drivers need to be at their absolute best. 

Drivers undergo strict training protocols to optimise their cardiovascular health and train them to deal with the impact of G-forces and being crammed into the car’s cockpit for hours. 

Aside from the physical aspect, drivers must be ready to put it all on the line. The mental focus that is required before and during the race is unparalleled, given the nature of the sport and the impact of error.

Supplementation with Exogenous Ketones

Considering the physical and mental fortitude racing car drivers must display, it is no surprise that they are looking for safe ways to maximize their physical and mental performance. That is why Alex Riberas, driving for Aston Martin Racing USA, looks to the Oxford Ketone Ester, deltaG, in his pursuit of excellence on the track. 

TdeltaS’s Global’s ketone ester drinks help with both the mental and physical strains of a rigorous training schedule and ensure that drivers perform even better than their high-performance machines.  

Check out Alex Riberas experience with deltaG® below