The Oxford Ketone Ester

A revolutionary new source of energy for human performance and health.

Achieve deep ketosis in 20 minutes with a single serving.

Drink △G Tactical for tactical operations and extreme sports.

Born for battle, built for extreme environments---introducing deltaG Tactical. Our Tactical product is the most potent ketosis-boosting technology in the world. Designed in collaboration with veterans of our most elite special operations units, deltaG Tactical is sealed in a ruggedized, minimalist "bullet bottle" and comes packaged in either a lightweight pouch (for field use) or a specialty Pelican 1300 case (for base camp, gym, or vehicle transport).

deltaG Tactical contains 32 grams of ketone ester and is perfect for operators, expeditionary adventurers, and combat athletes seeking a large spike in blood ketone levels and concomitant physical and cognitive performance support.

When it really 'Pays to Be a Winner', have deltaG Tactical in your kit bag!

Drink △G Ketone Performance for endurance, resilience and recovery.

The original ketone ester: funded by DARPA, developed by Oxford and the NIH, protected by global patents, and tested by elite athletes and military tactical personnel. Designed to raise blood ketones to levels optimized for physical and cognitive performance, deltaG can be used in events and rigorous training programs. Studies have shown that △G Ketone Performance supports:

Contains 25 g of deltaG in each drink, providing sufficient ketosis to support endurance, resilience and recovery. *

Drink △H Ketone Health for immunity, metabolism and rejuvenation.

deltaH is a unique health and support technology designed as an easy-to-drink daily shot. The path to a healthy ketogenic lifestyle has never been easier. Studies have shown that the △H Ketone Health supports:

Contains 10g of deltaG in each drink, providing sufficient ketosis to support immunity, metabolism and rejuvenation when used as part of a healthy diet and with exercise. *

How deltaG works

Developed exclusively by T△S Ltd, deltaG is a novel nutritional supplement that supports human metabolic function.

When fasting or when on a ketogenic diet, our bodies produce nutrients known as ketone bodies. In extreme conditions, such as prolonged fasting or endurance exercise, the body’s natural stores of glycogen in the liver becomes exhausted. As a result, the body releases fat, which it burns instead of glucose. As this happens, levels of ketone bodies, as measured in the bloodstream, rise significantly.

Quite distinct from other macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates and fats – ketone bodies are an efficient form of energy that is used rapidly by the body. Indeed, the brain can only make direct use of two nutritional substances: ketones and glucose.

Ketones are thus a valuable energy source for the body that provide an effective means of supporting metabolic efficiency.

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