deltaG Champion

Timothy O'Donnell

World Champion Long-Course Triathlete

T.O. and our Oxford scientists are in constant communication to refine & optimize his cutting edge protocols. Learn how deltaG® Ketones + UCAN SuperStarch® is the next evolution in fueling for elite athletes.

Δ Improve Recovery by 15%

Δ World Record Setting Endurance

Δ Improve Blood Glucose Stability

Δ Increase Blood Ketone Levels up to 5mM

deltaG ketone ester was a crucial part of my American record setting performance at the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship. I felt so strongly about the benefits of ketone esters that I actually didn’t want to talk about them publicly, they were a secret weapon.

- Timothy O’Donnell "T.O."

Follow T.O.'s 2022 Comeback

As a professional, Timothy has earned 50+ podium finishes including over 22 wins at major events throughout the world. Along with the ITU Long Distance World Champion (2009) title, his other wins include nine Ironman 70.3 victories, two IRONMAN wins, and six Armed Forces National Championships.

In early 2021 T.O. suffered a life threatening heart attack while racing in the Challenge Miami. In true T.O. fashion he is already training hard to qualify for the 2022 IRONMAN World Championship and make it back to the podium.

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