...△H will be a game-changer for executives and athletes seeking an edge, but more importantly it will be part of a health and wellness revolution. Read more.

Renee Haugerud

Founder and CIO, Galtere global macro commodities hedge fund

The past 5-years we have helped organize and build awareness for the PA National Guard March for the Fallen Event, which is a 28-mile... Read more.

Wesley R. Gray, Ph.D.

US Marine, Author, and CEO Alpha Architect

As a trail runner, training for a 100-mile race involves countless training runs/races in preparation. Some longer, some shorter..." Read more.

Jillian Benoit

Luxury hospitality industry executive, Competitive trailrunner and endurance athlete

I am a 62-year old former athlete who tries to stay fit and push myself through workouts. △G is the fuel that gets me through a tough workout... Read more.

John Murphy

Former college football player, AXA corporate executive and financial professional

I'm a professional boxer and European cruiserweight champion. I discovered deltaG during the preparations of my last fight..." Read more.

Yves Ngabu

Professional Boxer, 3 x European Cruiserweight Champion

I take 15ml of the Oxford Ketone Ester before bed to optimize my recovery and sleep---it works very well. I sleep deeply and wake up fully ... Read more.

Andre Falt

Professional SwimRun athlete and Founder/Head Coach at Primal Coaching

As a 100% permanently disabled combat veteran, I have found that nutraceutical supplementation is an essential part of my health... Read more.

Derek Nadalini

Veteran Operator, JSOC Special Mission Unit; Founder and CEO Petrichor Bio, LLC

deltaG Ketone Performance makes it possible for me to push my body for hours during endurance races. When I've been competing... Read more.

Josefine Jangvert

Former Swedish track and field champion with records in pole vaulting, current Professional SwimRun athlete

I recently tested deltaG during a SwimRun event. I felt really strong throughout the race, with no dip in energy even though... Read more.

Robert Schelin

Former AG World Champion Long-Distance Triathlete, Professional SwimRun athlete

With deltaG, my resilience is better and accelerated. I can push myself hard for several hours in training and races without feeling a reduced energy level. Read more.

Moa Falt

Competitive SwimRun athlete

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