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No more hitting snooze.

Sweet dreams and good mornings.

Ketones optimize your sleep cycle, increasing slow-wave restorative sleep and helping you stay asleep without tossing and turning.

deltaG® raises the level of BHB in the body, helping you achieve a state of clinical ketosis. By raising the amount of ketones in the body, you'll sleep deeper than ever and wake up refreshed.

Optimize your circadian rhythm.

Hack your sleep-wake cycle.

deltaG's ability to increase BHB levels in the body supports the synthesis of GABA, the neurotransmitter responsible for generating sleep.

By supporting the induction of the body's sleep cycle, you'll wake up refreshed and energized.

Once you're up and ready to take on the day, you'll no longer need to rely on caffeine to stay moving, since deltaG® provides your body with a natural source of energy. 

With better sleep and less caffeine, your body can maintain its natural flow state.

So what are ketones, exactly?

Ketones are the body’s secret weapon. We naturally produce these chemicals when our bodies break down fat for energy.

Typically, our bodies break down blood glucose for energy. When we don’t consume enough sugar or carbohydrates, our bodies rely on fat for energy instead of blood glucose.

Before consuming sugar in every food group became the norm, humans used to rely on these ketones for fuel. Now that we have grown accustomed to sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets, our bodies have grown to rely on glucose for energy rather than ketones. This leads to unwanted weight gain, metabolic dysfunction, and a variety of chronic health issues.

By supplementing the diet with additional ketones, we can restore our bodies to their peak and live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

How to Use △Gold

Ketones not only provide the body and brain with an efficient, clean form of energy, but they also serve as a signaling mechanism within the body. Elevated BHB levels activate longevity genes and help immunity cells to work more efficiently to increase the body’s defense against foreign aggressors.

ΔGold® is best in the morning with a strong cup of coffee. Add 5g - 10g in your morning coffee daily.

3 steps to sweet dreams with deltaG


Wake up and brew your
morning coffee.


Add in 5g of ΔGold® to your
cup - or 10g if you want an
extra boost.


Drink your coffee and take
on the day.

Better sleep with deltaG.

Experience ketosis on demand for supported sleep and increased energy..

$65 Million in R&D

Funded by DARPA and the NIH under the "metabolic dominance" program for the US military to create the most effective fuel for soldiers in the battlefield.

50+ Clinical Studies

Created by University of Oxford and studied by the worlds most renowned academic institutions and research centers for safety and efficacy.

Trusted by Elite Athletes

10+ years of record setting use by Olympic Athletes, Tour de France riders, Formula 1 drivers, NBA, NFL, FIFA, Ironman, and many other of the world's highest performers.

WADA & BSCG Approved

Fully Compliant and registered with World Anti Doping Agency (WADA), BSCG, and FDA GRAS Approved. Made in USA & UK.

Developed at the University of Oxford

The Oxford ketone ester is the result of the pioneering work of Professor Kieran Clarke at the University of Oxford and the late Dr. Richard Veech at the National Institutions of Health that started in 2000.

Initially, the project was funded through the Metabolic Dominance program run by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). DARPA's aim was to discover the most energetically efficient food group to allow soldiers to maintain their physical and mental capacities over five days on the battlefield.

The results speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can deltaG be used for weight loss?

deltaG can support weight loss goals in combination with other healthy decisions.

Ketones have been shown to reduce ghrelin (1), the hunger hormone. A reduced appetite makes it easier to achieve a calorie deficit and meet your weight loss goals. 

deltaG also delivers a direct dose of ketones, quickly elevating your blood ketone levels. This can be helpful if you’re beginning a fast, needing energy for exercise, or starting the keto diet.

However, taking deltaG will not lead to weight loss alone. We encourage you to keep making healthy choices and use deltaH as a tool to help meet your goals.

Can deltaG replace a ketogenic diet?

deltaG can augment or replace a ketogenic diet, although they will not be effective in someone with poor eating habits.

deltaG complements a ketogenic diet for healthy weight management and/or improving body composition. deltaH drinks can alleviate feelings of hunger and blunt the impact of a carb-rich “cheat meal” by expediting the return to ketosis.

How is deltaG Ketone Ester superior to ketone salts?

The high salt content in ketone salt drinks limits the volume that can be consumed, so salt drinks produce lower blood ketone levels than the ketone ester, deltaG. △G and △H both contain deltaG, which the body metabolizes completely to βHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate). As it contains no salt, deltaG can be consumed in volumes sufficient to produce blood ketone levels that are normally found with strict ketogenic diets and extended fasting. △G and △H are made using patented deltaG technology.

How do you feel on deltaG ketones?

Fueling with ketones takes you to a place where everything flows — a gentle, clean boost of energy without the jitters or racing heart. 

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