Developed by scientists in collaboration with the University of Oxford and the National Institutes of Health

Developed through a collaboration between the University of Oxford and the National Institutes of Health with funding from DARPA’s “Metabolic Dominance” program.The groundbreaking research conducted by Dr. Kieran Clarke and Dr. Richard Veech dating back to 2000 has led to the creation of the Oxford Ketone Ester, deltaG®.

The problem.

Overdependence on glucose has created an epidemic of metabolic dysfunction.

The excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugar, without incorporating regular periods of fasting, has heightened our susceptibility to insulin resistance, blood glucose volatility, and systematic energy deficits.  Most of the serious medical conditions can be traced back to persistent metabolic disorder.

The solution.

Ketones can play a pivotal role in the prevention and reversal of metabolic damage.

Without the need to completely alter your diet, deltaG allows you to combat the primary instigators of metabolic dysfunction, like insulin resistance, elevated blood glucose, excess body fat, and inflammation, by utilizing deep states of ketosis.

The studies speak for themselves.

$65 Million in R&D

Originally created for the US Military as a food source to augment other dietary fuels.

70+ Clinical Studies

Unique in its potency, deltaG®continues to be studied by the worlds most renowned academic institutions.

60+ Patent & Patent Pending

deltaG® remains the world’s only patented ketone monoester.

  • Brain Health

    Improves brain network stability by 87%.

    Brain Health

    Improves brain network stability by 87%.

    A study from 2020 investigated if brain network stability responds to two major brain fuels – glucose or ketones. Participants came to the laboratory on two occasions and drank either 25-30 grams of deltaG or 30-35 grams of glucose. After consumption of these drinks, they underwent an MRI scan. Strikingly, the study showed that ketones increased the stability of brain networks. In contrast, glucose decreased the stability of the network. The network stability was 87% greater after ketone consumption than stability measured after glucose consumption.

    Read the study here

  • Maintain Focus

    Improves Cognitive performance by 7%.

    Maintain Focus

    Improves Cognitive performance by 7%.

    Preliminary data indicate a significant positive relationship between elevated cerebral blood flow and improved cognition following deltaG supplementation.

    Read the study here

  • Increased Endurance

    15% boost in power output

    Increased Endurance

    15% boost in power output

    When deltaG was used in a recovery protocol during strenuous training, cyclists increased their power output by 15%.

    Read the study here

  • Increase Performance

    Increased power and decreased lactate production

    Increase Performance

    Increased power and decreased lactate production

    In five separate studies of 39 high-performance athletes, we show how this unique metabolic state improves physical endurance by altering fuel competition for oxidative respiration.

    Read the study here

  • Heart Health

    Improves cardiac efficiency by 36%.

    Heart Health

    Improves cardiac efficiency by 36%.

    Ketone bodies have been shown to increase cardiac efficiency by as much as 36% versus glucose alone.

    Read the study here

  • Faster Recovery

    Boosts protein synthesis

    Faster Recovery

    Boosts protein synthesis

    When taken in a recovery protocol, deltaG was shown to promote mTOR signaling and protein synthesis.

    Read the study here

  • Weight Control

    Decreases appetite by lowering ghrelin by 17%.

    Weight Control

    Decreases appetite by lowering ghrelin by 17%.

    deltaG has been shown to significantly decrease appetite in healthy adults.

    Read the study here

  • Train Longer

    Improves muscle glycogen resynthesis.

    Train Longer

    Improves muscle glycogen resynthesis.

    When taken alongside glucose in a recovery protocol, deltaG has been shown to accelerate muscle glycogen resynthesis in athletes.

    Read the study here

What are ketones, exactly?

When glycogen is sufficiently depleted, the liver converts fatty acids into ketones.

Ketones are the body’s secret weapon. We naturally produce these molecules during times of nutritional deficit primarily to feed the heart, muscles, and brain.

In today’s world, the utilization of ketones for energy has become infrequent due to the abundance of food. We instead rely exclusively on fat and glucose.

So why is deltaG® so unique?

deltaG® is the world’s only exogenous ketone that allows users to access deep levels of ketosis safely and effectively.

deltaG® uses an ester bond to deliver high amounts of D-BHB, the bio-identical ketone body to what your body would produce endogenously.

A new metabolic state.

What is Performance Ketosis™?

deltaG®'s groundbreaking technology allows athletes to enter a previously unattainable metabolic state. The current clinical data suggest most recovery and performance enhancing benefits for exogenous ketones occur between 2.0mM to 3.5mM blood BHB levels. deltaG® is the only patented ketone to deliver these levels of Performance Ketosis™

Ketones + Glucose = Optimized Fueling

This new state enables the utilization of ketones without necessitating the depletion of our glycogen stores. Your body will fully optimize fuel sources to dramatically improve recovery, endurance, and resilience.

Not all ketones are created equal

The purpose of an exogenous ketone is to increase blood ketone levels safely and effectively to beneficial levels. deltaG® is the only product in the world that can deliver on this stated purpose.

All other purported “ketone” products pale in comparison on this objective and come with evident drawbacks. The data is clear.

A very cheap and easy way to manufacture an exogenous ketone is to bind D-BHB to a salt, whether it be calcium, magnesium, sodium, or potassium. The problem with this delivery method is that in order
to increase the amount of BHB taken, exorbitant amounts of salts must be taken alongside. For instance, the majority of serving sizes for ketone salts incorporate approximately 1,000mg of sodium to provide small amounts of BHB.

R-1,3 Butanediol (aka Ketone Diol or BDO) is an alcoholic ketogenic precursor, meaning it converts into ketone bodies in the liver. Using only R-1,3 Butanediol will only slightly increase blood ketones but when taken in excess, as some companies recommend in order to increase blood ketones dramatically, it can cause dizziness and nausea. Even though this molecule is not new or novel, there is almost zero data on its effectiveness as a ketone enhancing tool.

Medium-Chain Triglycerides are molecules that are smaller than other fats you may eat, making them
easier to mobilize for energy. As far as ketones are concerned, MCTs will convert into very small amounts of ketones when taken in a fasted state. Achieving beneficial levels of blood ketones using MCTs often requires a quantity that typically triggers severe gastrointestinal distress, rendering the entire process ineffective.

Where deltaG® stands against other ketones

The future of ketones

As many are now learning, using glucose as a primary energy source for the entirety of your life will almost guarantee negative metabolic ramifications. What if we could provide the world with an energy source that did not lead to issues down the road, but actually helped prevent them? This is the type of impact we believe ketones can have on the world.

Disclaimer: deltaG® is considered a dietary supplement or food and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. It is not a medical device and should not be used as a substitute for prescribed or recommended treatments or medications. The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended as professional advice, diagnosis, treatment, or recommendations.

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