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"deltaG ketone esters have been a game changer for my marathon fueling. I’ve found I don’t need as much fuel when I take them before a race or long workout and have a more even level throughout. Supplementing with DeltaG spares my glycogen stores, which is a major limiter in endurance events. It really is the most super of super fuels."

- Sarah Hall - Legendary American Runner

Sara Hall - American Record Holder

When it comes to running, Sara Hall has been dominating the running scene for years.

She's an elite marathoner, an American record holder, and a deltaG ambassador.

Sara Hall entered 2022 running better than ever: She set a new American record in the half marathon (1:07:15) on January 16 in Houston at the age of 38, proving that age is just a number. Her longevity is a testament to her inspired determination and the belief that all things are possible if we approach them with determination and love.

When she isn't competing in races around the world, Sara spends her time with her four daughters and her husband and coach, U.S Olympic marathoner Ryan Hall.