Lucy Charles-Barclay deltaG

deltaG Champion | Ironman World Champion

Lucy Charles-Barclay

Pro Triathlete

Lucy and our Oxford scientists are in constant communication to refine & optimize her cutting edge protocols. deltaG® Ketones are the next evolution in fueling for elite athletes.

Δ Improve Recovery by 15%

Δ World Record Setting Endurance

Δ Improve Blood Glucose Stability

Δ Increase Blood Ketone Levels up to 5mM

Trusted by athletes, proven by science.

"This tiny bottle really packs a punch!"

- Lucy Charles-Barclay

Unleash Lucy's World Champion Power with deltaG Ketones

Lucy's unwavering commitment to excellence has made her the World Ironman Champion. Discover her secret weapon for reaching new heights in performance wtih deltaG Ketones.

Why deltaG Ketones?

  • Sustained Energy: deltaG Ketones keep Lucy at her peak for longer.
  • Quick Recovery: Reduced muscle soreness and faster recovery times.
  • Mental Clarity: Stay sharp during the most grueling moments.
  • BSCG and WADA Certified: Trusted by professional athletes world wide.

Join Lucy's Triumph

Relive the excitement of Lucy's historic victory as the World Ironman Champion and her remarkable journey with deltaG Ketones. Her conquest of the Kona Ironman World Championship exemplifies the extraordinary power of perseverance and optimal performance. Join us in celebrating her achievement and stay tuned for more incredible feats from Lucy Charles Barclay.

Unlock Performance Ketosis™

deltaG®'s groundbreaking technology allows athletes to enter a previously unattainable metabolic state. The current clinical data suggest most recovery and performance enhancing benefits for exogenous ketones occur between 2.0mM to 3.5mM blood BHB levels. deltaG® is the only patented ketone to deliver these levels of Performance Ketosis™

Ketones + Glucose = Optimized Fueling

This new state enables the utilization of ketones without necessitating the depletion of our glycogen stores. Your body will fully optimize fuel sources to dramatically improve recovery, endurance, and resilience.