Carbohydrate ingestion rates during exercise: 90 vs 120 grams per hour – which is best?

Dr.Dan Plews

I recently made a post that got a lot of attention and questions, and it was one that compared the percentage efficiency of carbohydrate (CHO) ingestion when was taking 120 g of CHO per hour. There were a lot of questions, and of course it’s hard to explain in enough detail via an Instagram story (see below).   So, as such, in this blog, I am going to have a look at the emerging literature suggesting it may be possible to ingest carbohydrate at rates as high as 120 grams per hour during exercise (that’s ~5-6 gels!). Carbohydrate ingestion during...

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Supercharging My Morning Routine with deltaG®, the Oxford Ketone Ester

Donna Mackenzie 2 comments

Carpe diem.  There was a time when this Latin term for seize the day was simply hyperbole to me. Today, these words serve as the backdrop for my morning routine. My morning routine has become the most important process of my entire day. The timing and execution of the things that I do within the first few hours of every morning have a direct correlation on how successfully I go about seizing the day ahead of me. When I go about my morning without a sense of structure, the rest of the day follows suit. I realized long ago that...

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The Oxford Ketone and Me: A Consumer Love Story

Catalina Rodriguez 3 comments

The Oxford Ketone and Me: A Consumer Love Story  Humans are inherently competitive creatures. History is all the evidence we need to know that  humans have been competing against each other since the dawn of time. Luckily for us, human  competition has evolved. We no longer compete for scarce food resources like our ancient  ancestors. We no longer fight for fame and glory like Roman gladiators. The stakes have  changed. Today, we partake in more “friendly” forms of competition.  Ketosis in a Bottle  As a former D1 athlete and current triathlete, I thrive in a competitive setting. Like many people, ...

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