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Matt Hanson

Ironman Triathlete Champion

Professor and Ironman Champion, Dr. Matt Hanson is a professional triathlete and coach for triathletes, cyclists and runners. He has an extensive background as an athlete and is highly-educated in all things sports-related. Learn how deltaG® Ketones is the next evolution in fueling for elite athletes.

Δ Improve Recovery by 15%

Δ World Record Setting Endurance

Δ Improve Blood Glucose Stability

Δ Increase Blood Ketone Levels up to 5mM

deltaG ketone ester has been a game changer for me. Ever since getting heat stroke in 2016, my sweat rate has dramatically increased. This makes fueling for hot races particularly difficult. Being able to fuel with ketone esters allows me to reduce my carbohydrate intake which then allows me to increase the amount of electrolytes I take in without throwing off the osmolity in the gut. This played a huge role in helping me win my 4th North American Ironman Championship in what turned out to be a brutally hot and humid day.

- Matt Hanson

Dr. Matt Hanson: Professor, coach and pro triathlete

Matt is a powerhouse triathlete. He competed in his first triathlon in 2011, turning pro just two years later. A natural, Matt has since trained to become one of the strongest triathletes out there and he also shares his passion for the sport by coaching others achieve their goals. Former Athletic Trainer and Human Performance Program Director at University and professor in Sports’ Nutrition, Physiological Principles of Conditioning, and Exercise Physiology at University, Matt has clear insights into training, nutrition, and recovery protocols which can be used to improve performance and performance longevity.

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Matt Hanson smiling at the finish line