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Private Consultation

Given your acknowledgment of a health condition, we recommend scheduling a free private consultation with our ketone expert. This personalized approach ensures that deltaG will be the best fit for you.

Need a consultation?

Book a free 15-minute consultation with Brian McMahon, our resident human performance expert and ketone coach to the world’s most elite athletes.

Your Complimentary 15-minute Consultation Covers:

  • Detailed discussion about any challenges you’re currently facing
  • Which deltaG® products are right for you
  • A personalized action plan
  • Dosage for your lifestyle and goals

Reach peak performance with deltaG®

Experience ketosis on demand for healthy weight loss, increased energy, and peak performance.

$65 Million in R&D

Funded by DARPA and the NIH under the "metabolic dominance" program for the US military to create the most effective fuel for soldiers in the battlefield.

70+ Clinical Studies

Created by University of Oxford and studied by the worlds most renowned academic institutions and research centers for safety and efficacy.

Trusted by Elite Athletes

10+ years of record setting use by Olympic Athletes, Tour de France riders, Formula 1 drivers, NBA, NFL, FIFA, Ironman, and many other of the world's highest performers.

WADA & BSCG Approved

Fully Compliant and registered with World Anti Doping Agency (WADA), BSCG, and FDA GRAS Approved. Made in USA & UK.

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