10 Reasons why deltaG® Ketones must be added to your athletic routine.

Whether you’re a triathlete, a swimmer, a weightlifter, or a runner, feeling on top of your game is essential. It can be difficult to rely on nutrition alone to keep your body fueled and performing at its peak, which is why we’ve worked with the University of Oxford to develop the world’s most powerful Ketone technology. Read on to find out 10 reasons why you should incorporate deltaG into your athletic routine.

1. You need razor-sharp focus.

Maintain your focus past exhaustion. deltaG® improves brain network stability by 87% and increases cognitive performance by 7%. With deltaG®, you can stay on top of your game both mentally and physically.

2. You want to optimize your metabolism.

deltaG® delivers the exact ketone produced naturally by the body (D-BHB). By supplementing your diet with these additional ketones, you can restore your body back to its peak and enhance your metabolic health.

3. You want to improve glycogen resynthesis.

deltaG®'s combination of protein, carbohydrates, and ketones optimize mTOR activation so your tissues can regenerate efficiently and protein can synthesize.

With your glucose levels stable, your muscles can repair themselves faster than ever.

4. You're ready to experience record-setting endurance.

With deltaG®, you can train harder without running out of energy. Increase your endurance by over 27% and take your game to the next level.

5. You want to enhance muscle recovery

By adding deltaG into your fitness regimen, you can maintain muscle mass, increase your energy levels, and improve recovery by 15%. The result? Peak performance, enhanced endurance, and quicker recovery.

6. You want to perform at your full potential.

deltaG® is the only ketone to guarantee "Performance Ketosis". deltaG® maximizes Ketone levels in the blood, providing your body with a powerful fuel source that keeps you sharp, agile, and strong.

7. You want science-backed results.

deltaG® has over 70+ clinical studies and 10+ years of record setting use by the world's highest performers. deltaG® is developed by the leading researchers at the University of Oxford and uses diligent testing methods to deliver real results you can feel.

8. You’d like to experience ketosis – whenever, wherever. Guaranteed.

Experience ketosis on demand for increased energy, muscle recovery, and mental acuity. Whether intermittent fasting doesn't fit into your routine or you'd simply like to enhance the results, deltaG® delivers performance-ready ketosis anytime, anywhere.

9. You want performance support that works fast.

Rapid ketosis – without hours of fasting. You can use deltaG® to experience peak performance, all while keeping your routine simple and efficient. Simply add deltaG® to your morning coffee and you're good to go. 

10. You're ready to join the ranks of the world's most elite athletes.

Olympic Athletes, Tour de France riders, Formula 1 drivers, NBA, NFL, FIFA, Ironman, and many other of the world's highest performers use deltaG to enhance their endurance, improve recovery, and stay sharper than ever.

Ready to experience peak performance with deltaG?