△G: Using the Oxford Ketone Ester deltaG for my running

We have all been there; Being on a run and “hitting the wall”. Hitting the wall refers to the rapid onset of muscle fatigue and the sensation of having no energy. People experience this feeling when performing endurance activities as a result of their muscle and liver glycogen stores becoming depleted. 


As someone who runs up to three hours at a time, I try to avoid hitting the wall at all costs. From big spaghetti dinners to bringing honey packets on runs, all runners have their own ways of ensuring their glycogen stores do not deplete while hitting the pavement. You name it, I have probably tried it. 


Out of all of the things I have tried to prevent hitting the wall and ensuring I have all the energy I need to perform at my peak abilities while on a run, nothing even comes close to exogenous ketones. This has become perfectly clear to me over the past few years, but especially in the last few months. As my weekly mileage continues to creep up as I prepare for my Half IronMan, TdeltaS’ ketone ester products have stood their ground as being wildly beneficial to my performance.


30 minutes prior to embarking on my run, I’ll crack open a bottle of deltaG and drink it throughout the entirety of my warmup. Personally, I enjoy sipping deltaG a bit slower when using it for running than for biking and swimming. This strategy seems to prevent any gastric discomfort. Additionally, I enjoy feeling the sensation of “delta energy” kicking in while on my run as opposed to before. 


Not only do I feel like my legs are impervious to fatigue, deltaG has an immense benefit on my breathing. 


deltaG and long runs go together like spaghetti and meatballs. If you haven’t tried this match made in heaven, it’s time to!


-Jarret Ross

Jarret Ross - Fitness and longevity enthusiast - Oxford ketone Ester

Jarret Ross, 27, is a risk management professional by day and a fitness and longevity enthusiast by night. As a former NCAA Division I cross country runner and current triathlete, he strives to impart his knowledge and passion for optimizing human performance through a combination of research and anecdotal experiences.

Written by Catalina Rodriguez

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