The Oxford Ketone and Me: A Consumer Love Story

The Oxford Ketone and Me: A Consumer Love Story 

Humans are inherently competitive creatures. History is all the evidence we need to know that  humans have been competing against each other since the dawn of time. Luckily for us, human  competition has evolved. We no longer compete for scarce food resources like our ancient  ancestors. We no longer fight for fame and glory like Roman gladiators. The stakes have  changed. Today, we partake in more “friendly” forms of competition. 

Ketosis in a Bottle 

As a former D1 athlete and current triathlete, I thrive in a competitive setting. Like many people,  competition against myself and others is what drives me to be better than who I was yesterday. 

So, when I was first made aware that a team of National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Oxford  scientists, funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), had patented a  new form of energy that was set to revolutionize human performance, cognitive function, and  general health, I was beyond intrigued. Would this innovation be a potent catalyst for enhanced  performance? 

The more I researched the Oxford Ketone, an exogenous ketone ester, the more science-based evidence I found that affirmed the claims that the Oxford Ketone can: 

  • Increase endurance exercise capacity 
  • Enhance post-exercise recovery 
  • Supercharge metabolic processes, specifically glycemic control 
  • Improve natural sleeping patterns 

An Ongoing Love Affair with the Oxford Ketone 

I remember how eager and excited I was anticipating my first delivery of Oxford Ketone  Esters. The scientific evidence behind TdeltaS’s products was undeniable, but I was anxious of  its practical application. Or at least I was until I tried a bottle… 

It has been almost two years since I first used the Oxford Ketone Esters, and I have never looked  back. At the commencement of my relationship with the Oxford Ketone Esters, I viewed them as  precious vials of liquid gold only to be used in high stake competitive environments. As I  continued to receive monthly deliveries, my utilization of the esters evolved to encompass all  aspects of my training and overall well-being. 

And yes, I still get Christmas morning giddiness with each and every TdeltaS delivery  confirmation I receive.

-Jarret Ross

Jarret Ross - Fitness and longevity enthusiast - Oxford ketone Ester

Jarret Ross, 27, is a risk management professional by day and a fitness and longevity enthusiast by night. As a former NCAA Division I cross country runner and current triathlete, he strives to impart his knowledge and passion for optimizing human performance through a combination of research and anecdotal experiences.

Written by Catalina Rodriguez
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Thanks a lot for the inspiring testimony. I recently started using the Delta H and got my parents to take it as well. Yes indeed, it gives the Christmas morning giddiness when the email notification of delivery appears in the inbox.

José Comparán on May 13, 2021


asa on May 13, 2021

Ketosis in a bottle! Indeed!

Camilo on May 13, 2021

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