deltaG® drastically improves athletic recovery, according to University of Bath study.

We're exploring the link between deltaG® and EPO levels.

Wednesday, July 26 ‍
by Catie Pauley

New research from the University of Bath has delivered promising results illustrating the link between deltaG ingestion and EPO levels.

EPO is the hormone released by the kidneys that plays a substantial role in the production of red blood cells. A healthy amount of red blood cells is essential to athletic recovery, as they are responsible for the body’s capacity to carry oxygen throughout the body. 

Participants in the University of Bath study ingested deltaG after one hour of cycling. Compared to the control group which did not receive deltaG, trial participants experienced a 20% level increase in levels of EPO.

What does this mean for the future of athletic recovery?

According to the researchers, this study has been the fist to asses the impact of a product like deltaG on EPO levels.

These results reveal a possibility for the future of deltaG and its use in athletic recovery. By supplementing with deltaG, athletes can experience a faster, healthier recovery after intense exercise.

Want to learn more? Check out this video from Brian McMahon, deltaG's resident human performance expert and ketone coach to the world’s most elite athletes.

Take a look at the University of Bath study here.

Timothy O'Donnell

Most decorated American Triathlete and U.S. IRONMAN Record Holder.

"deltaG ketone ester was a crucial part of my American record setting performance at the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship. I felt so strongly about the benefits that I actually didn't want to talk about them publicly – they were a secret weapon."

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