Strategic Ketosis: 3 Quick Hacks to Enhance Your Ketone Ester Lifestyle

Strategic Ketosis

As the Oxford Ketone Ester makes it’s way into high-performing populations of athletes, executives, and military special operators, individual users are coming up with all kinds of interesting ways to enhance the “deltaG Lifestyle” and optimize their daily readiness, training, and competition results.  Here are three quick hacks that you can deploy right now and start living in Strategic Ketosis! 

Hack #1:  Fasting Support

Intermittent Fasting protocols of various types - 16/8, OMAD, and multi-day fasts weekly or every other week - are becoming all the rage, and with good reason:  Caloric restriction is perhaps the only intervention that has been proven to dramatically increase life expectancy across species.

However, IF can be psychologically difficult for many people, particularly when they are simultaneously navigating life stressors or rigorous training protocols.

deltaG is here help:  Split your fasting period in half and drink a bottle of either deltaG Ketone Performance or Tactical (if training hard during your IF), or use our Ketone Health product (if rigorous exercise is not part of your fast).   The elevated ketone levels (βHB, the ketone you want) will flood your cells with a clean-burning rocket fuel, will manage the hunger hormones, CCK and ghrelin, and will give you a mood uplift through elevation of “feel good” neurotransmitters in your brain.  In addition, mitochondrial density is particularly high in the strategic/planning areas of the brain, so ketones may help you to stick with this long-term health plan and avoid an emotional hijacking that could wreck your fasting goals.

Hack #2:  Cheat Meal Damage Control

Hey, we all do it and it is not such a bad idea sometimes.  (Occasional) simple carb-drenched meals can make a diet much more sustainable over the long haul, can give a window for socially-important meal bonding events (those birthday parties), and can even help with performance and recovery if timed immediately after a significantly difficult resistance or HIIT training event.

But there’s no reason to absorb all the potential damage from those blood sugar and concurrent insulin spikes if you don’t need to, particularly if you are past the age of 30.  Drink a bottle of deltaG (any of the products) 30 minutes prior to the carb meal and use the glycemic-control aspect of strategic ketosis to limit the swings and subsequent carb-cravings you may have after the meal experience (e.g. that urge to have more cake at 11:30 pm while binge-watching “The Witcher” on Netflix).

Hack #3:  The Awesome Morning

The first two hours of your day can set the stage for everything to come.  A number of lifestyle design elements have been shown to help create a magnificent morning - meditation, exercise, ice-cold showers combined with breathing disciplines (Wim Hof!), a half hour with Mother Nature, the Pomodoro Technique, etc.  

Some days you really need that extra firepower and deltaG is your secret weapon.  When you are ready to get down to business, drink an 8-ounce glass of water (perhaps with a touch of Himalayan salt---most people are chronically dehydrated), have your caffeine source if you use one (add l-theanine if you get jitters), and down a bottle of your preferred deltaG product.  The mental clarity and focus associated with the Oxford Ketone Ester’s blood BHB levels will work synergistically with the caffeine to put you in a great mood, attain what top athletes and warfighters are calling “The deltaG Ready State”, and set you up for success!

Written by Seb Pritchard
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A Keto diet does the same thing. Just saying.

Ron Dawson on Jan 28, 2023

Hello! If I take any of your products in the morning can I still take my coffee with c8 mct oil and ghee butter.
And what product you recomend for energy and helping me go through a fast.

Carla chassin on Nov 13, 2022

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