The anticipated 2021 Tokyo Olympics

The anticipated 2021 Tokyo Olympics

We could not be more excited.

We are a company whose mission is rooted in enabling people to perform at their peak abilities, so we enjoy nothing more than watching athletes do just that. Although we are thrilled to watch all of the events the Olympics has to offer, there are a few sports that we will be glued to the TV in anticipation for. 

With so many events and a myriad of qualifying heats, it is hard to keep track of what is happening and when. Luckily, the Olympics has done us all a favor and put together a very helpful timeline to ensure that everyone has their finger on the pulse of the games. Check it out here! 

Which events are you most excited for? Do you have any predictions you want to share?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this year’s games and who you think is going to take home gold. Please leave a comment so we can know what the TdeltaS family is excited for and has to say about the 2020 (or should we say 2021) Olympics!


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